Bullet 350 Standard 2023 – an elite launched at 1.74 lakhs.

Bullet 350 Standard 2023 has the same 349cc J-platform engine as the other Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Royal Enfield has launched Bullet 350 Standard 2023 at 1.74 lakh (ex-showroom). Compared to the Classic 350, Bullet 350 Standard 2023 is around Rs 19,000 cheaper. Hence making it the most affordable bullet to acquire.

Bullet 350 Standard 2023

What makes a Bullet 350 Standard 2023 unique is the old-school styling. Bullet 350 Standard 2023 retains that old charm with a new heart. A black bullet with a golden pinstripe on the tank is the image that forms in the head of real Bullet lovers. The Classic 350 is what most people opt for, and youngsters love the Hunter 350. But the standard 350, with its unshakable reputation, has its place in the people’s hearts.

But as a matter of fact, some buyers want that old-school look of a bullet. For them, ergonomics, braking, technology, etc., do not matter. To them, any two-wheeler other than a Bullet 350 standard is unacceptable. Many manufacturers have tried time and again to beat the masterpiece. But the Bullet 350 standard doesn’t care.

RE has kept the beauty of the Bullet 350 Standard 2023 as it is. With the color scheme, seats and the iconic tank style must have refreshed the old memories of many. Rather than a bike Bullet 350 Standard is more of a status symbol. People have kept the older models till date and pass on to the next generation, which means it holds an important place in a family.

Moreover, the thump sound that it produces make you feel very powerful. You feel like a king of the universe while on the Bullet 350 Standard. This feeling is the uniqueness of this bike that no other motorcycle can give you. Which is why you

Bullet 350 Standard 2023 – Changes

Basically, the main change in the Bullet 350 Standard 2023 is in its engine. It is the last of the Royal Enfield bikes to receive the J-platform 349cc single-cylinder engine. The Classic 350, Meteor, and Hunter 350 also use the same J-platform architecture and the 349cc air-cooled engine. 

Bullet 350 Standard 2023

Bullet 350 Standard 2023 still uses a front telescopic and the rear twin shock absorbers set up. The lower variant gets a 300mm front disc brake, and the higher variants get a 270mm rear disc brake. While the base variants, Military Black and Military Red, get a drum brake set-up at the rear.  

Power and torque figures of Bullet 350 Standard 2023 are also the same 20hp and 27 Nm as the Classic 350. 

Visual changes in the Bullet 350 Standard 2023 are a single-seat set-up. The handlebar used is different for a more upright position. The rear fender is also squarish, and the two rectangular side boxes complete the Bullet 350 Standard 2023. The tail lamp is the same as the Classic 350 but has different outer frame. 

Bullet 350 Standard 2023 – Colors

The new-gen Bullet 350 Standard 2023 comes in 5 colors, some with blacked-out engines. A Standard Black, Military Black, Black Gold, Military Red and Standard Maroon. 

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Bullet 350 Standard 2023 – Price

The prices for the base variant, the Military Red and Military Black versions, start at Rs 1,73,562. The prices of the Standard Maroon and Standard Black guises go up to Rs 1,97,436.

Notably, the legendary Black Gold scheme of the Bullet Standard is the most expensive. The real Bullet 350 Standard lovers will be OK spending Rs 2,15,801 for the motorcycle.

Royal Enfield – MiY

By the Make it Yours configuration, Royal Enfield also customizes your bike. New alloy wheels, seats, backrests, etc., are some of the accessories Royal Enfield installs for you as per their cost.

Royal Enfield mIy

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