Funny safety signs on Roads that are Sensible in Nature

Funny safety signs seen while driving can make you laugh a little sometimes. Words are often needed to explain important things. Signs are better than words; they are easy to understand and take time to read a text. These funny safety signs can put a smile on your face.

In this article, I will talk about some funny safety signs. However, you must obey the traffic rules and move forward according to the safety signs. This article is just a humorous way of elaborating a safety sign. I solely believe in the law and all the rules for our safety. I wish you all also obey and respect the safety signs and the law. This article is just for fun!

Funny safety signs – You don’t want to go back!

funny safety signs

First on our list of funny safety signs is this warning sign that took three boards to explain itself. Everybody loves to drive in the mountains, which is quite dangerous. Warning against an upcoming problem is a great help while driving in the mountains. This warning sign is not “funny” but quite humorous. First, a signboard interprets that there is a climb ahead. The second board interprets the maximum climb angle to alert the driver and lower the gear. Then, the third sign is a text, which means the warning ends with a note so that your car does not come backwards. So, the authorities leave no stone unturned in the mountains to alert the driver. This whole setup is the starting of our list of funny safety signs.

Funny safety signs – Kindly, no skateboarding here.

funny safety signs

Well, next on our list of funny safety signs is a signboard that clearly shows the prohibition of using skateboards. Skating is a dangerous sport, both for skaters and pedestrians. First, on a skateboard, you are on wheels with no brakes in hand. The brakes are under the skateboard, and its operation is by foot. 

Skating is fun at high speeds, and stunts are performed by most of the skaters. While doing this knowingly or unknowingly, one can hit an older person or small kids in the park. This signboard has no text, just a picture of a skateboard and a red line crossing it to show it is prohibited. Though one can count it among funny safety signs, it is quite an essential sign for the safety of all.

Funny safety signs – Don’t apply brakes, it is slippery.

Next on our list of funny safety signs are two boards, one with a text and the other with a picture. In the photo, a bicycle is slipping on the surface. A park where a cycle track can get slippery. There may be incidents where people have experienced it. It can be dangerous because one can hit the ground or a rock if they fall. 

Usually, kids take these signs as fun and bet on them and, as a result, get hurt. On any rocky surface where water flows continuously, algae are formed, which is slippery. Be careful and watch it.

Funny safety signs – Freaky road sign.

funny safety signs

Funny safety signs can sometimes be scary, too. In this image, it is creepy and funny at the same time. A sign board with nothing written and a picture of a man without hand or foot gestures. What exactly is the place? It looks like a railway track or something. It’s nighttime, which can be the reason for its weirdness. Anyways, if you know something about this safety sign, mail us. It could show where people can wait for their train or could be a stop. Hence making it to our list of funny safety signs.

Funny safety signs – Have patience with Pedestrians.

It’s tough to find funny safety signs on the road. This one shows a person/pedestrian whose clothes are depicting a zebra crossing. You can also see a weight attached to the leg of a pedestrian. The authorities here try to tell that pedestrians take time to cross roads. Do not speed your car even if the signal is green; wait for it to safely reach the other side of the road.

Funny safety signs – You don’t want to end up wet.

Our list of funny safety signs is one of the most asked questions by the people. Where does this road lead? Well, this sign board answers your question. The Road ends in water. Often, two paths come across us. To find out where a way leads, you must go through it until the end. 

It would also be good if these signs guide one in real-life situations. Anyways, to make sure your journey is enjoyable, this sign will help you long before. Have a happy and safe trip.

Funny safety signs – Mountainous warning.

funny safety signs

Next on our list of funny safety signs is a car slipping down the road or taking sharp turns ahead. A cautionary warning in the mountains again. Be careful; the roads may be snowcapped, which is the reason for slipping. There is a considerable ‘caution’ board underneath. Words won’t be adequate here, so the picture speaks a lot. Slippery roads or sharp turns look dangerous and do the job of alerting the driver. It has nothing funny, but the authorities have to picture it. Jokes apart, always be responsible and take necessary precautions according to the safety signs.

Funny safety signs – Road is a public place!

Out of all these funny safety signs, this safety sign is not only a sign but also teaches us about life’s lessons. Yes, it teaches us about ‘sharing’ and respecting others. Roads are not only meant for heavy vehicles; it is for bicycles, pedestrians and bikes. This safety sign has a picture as well as a text. The authorities are clear about sharing the road and giving way to others because it is not your ‘bedroom’ or ‘home garden’. It is a public place, and you have to respect everyone. 

Funny safety signs – Just look if you want to reach home safely.

Last on our list of funny safety signs is a sign which can be taken as a request or warning. Yes, a signboard on which it is written ‘Look’ and above that an arrow sign pointing towards left and right. Some turns are dangerous, and you must look left as well as right. The authorities can’t help you at every turn. It is kind of a self-help sign, which means help yourself. You have to take care of yourself.

So these were some funny safety signs on roads which are serious. I do not encourage you to take them lightly; take them seriously because they are for your safety only. Obey all the traffic rules and pay attention to all the safety signs. And again not all safety signs are funny safety signs.

Always wear a safety belt while driving a car. To know some safety belt facts, click the READ button below.

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