Honda CB350 gets jaw-dropping 10 year warranty

For the first 10,000 customers of Honda CB350 & CB350 RS this coverage is free of cost.

Good news for all the Honda lovers, especially the Honda CB350 and CB350 RS lovers. Honda has now introduced a new 10-year warranty for its CB350 and CB350 RS models. It will not only strengthen the trust of the customers but also the sales of the brand. 

Though the starting price of the “Extended Warranty Plus” is Rs 5,321, Honda is giving it for free for the first 10,000 customers. That is, you will not have to pay anything for the Extended Warranty Plus. Preference will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be valid from August 8, 2023.

Honda CB350

Honda CB3504 key points of the “Extended Warranty Plus” program.

To understand it better, we have put it point-wise.

  1. It covers the failures due to manufacturing defects in the bike. 
  2.  The entire country is covered in this program.
  3.  This program also offers 10-year warranty coverage as well as renewal options.
  4.  It is transferable to the next owner if the bike gets sold.

Honda CB350 – Do you have to buy the 10-year warranty?

Customers can buy the “Extended Warranty Plus” anytime between 91 days from the date of purchase of the Honda CB350 and CB350 RS up to the 9th year. It is also transferable in case of a change of ownership. 

Also, the Extended Warranty Plus program safeguards the crucial high-value engine components, mechanical and electrical components of Honda CB350 and CB350 RS. There are three options you can choose from.

  1. Three-year Policy – for the vehicles up to the seventh year.
  2.  Two-year Policy – for the vehicle in its 8th year.
  3.  One-year Policy – for the vehicle in its ninth year.

These options will also further extend coverage up to 1,30,000km.

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Honda CB350 – is a brand of Trust, Reliability, and Durability.

When a middle-class family buys a motorcycle, they buy it for a long duration. It is more like an investment for them; hence, it should be reliable. And, when this investment comes with a 10-year warranty, there is no question about reliability of Honda CB350. So, the Honda CB350 and CB 350 RS are no doubt reliable bikes.

Moreover, in a middle-class family, there are at least 4-6 members, and usually more than 2 members use two-wheelers. In other words, the motorcycle should be durable as more different riders will ride it. It is a well-known fact, and many experts have mentioned that the Honda CB350 and CB350 RS are very durable.

Talking about the mileage of Honda CB350, it outshines it there also. A powerful 350 cc engine, which gives a mileage of 35-40 km, is quite impressive for Honda CB350. 

Combining all three factors – reliability, durability, and impressive mileage makes the Honda CB350 and CB350 RS a perfect choice in this segment. 

“Delivering an unmatched ownership experience and commitment to our customers is our main motive. The “Extended Warranty Plus” program will not only give our customers peace of mind to own a bike but also strengthen their bond. We have received an overwhelming response from our Red Wing customers. Hence, we have decided to bring this initiative to our Honda CB350 and CB350 RS models too.”

“We are celebrating the 1,00,000 customers milestone. And we are confident that this program will set a new benchmark in customer satisfaction. The 10-year extended warranty that covers all the critical high-value parts will strengthen our bond with customers. Our customers can enjoy Honda CB350 with their peace of mind intact wherever they are in the country.” says an official from Honda.

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