Jimny – 5 strong reasons it is overpriced

Jimny is a beautiful SUV. But, the answer to the question “Is Maruti Suzuki Jimny overpriced?” is YES. Yes, the Jimny is very pricey. Many car enthusiasts have felt that the “product” from Maruti Suzuki is very expensive. Here are a few reasons which support our answer to the question, “Is Maruti Suzuki Jimny overpriced?” 

Particularly, no negative thing regarding Jimny is in this article. I am going to talk only based on facts. Undoubtedly, it is a very capable off-roader, but there are other factors, too!

1. Jimny is a small-size “Off-roader.”

Yes, the size of Jimny (3,820 mm L x 1,645 mm W x 1,720 mm H) is very small, which is a positive as well as a negative point for it. Jimny being an off roader, its small size is very useful as it makes it go anywhere, and its lightweight can make it come out of anywhere undefeated. But on the road, the Maruti Suzuki’s 4×4 looks small.


2. Competitors Road Presence

Jimny (width 1820mm) looks tiny compared to Thar (width 1645mm). Not only Thar but even when compared to Brezza (width 1790mm), the Brezza looks wider. SoJimny needs more road presence when compared to similar vehicles at this price point.

Jimny starts at 12.74 lakh ex-showroom, and at 9.99 lakh, you can get a Thar 2WD. You can get a Thar 4WD at 13.59 lakh ex-showroom (base variant) with a little more money. 

3. Underpowered Engine (1.5 L 4-cylinder)

People who drive most of the time in the city will differ from Maruti Suzuki Jimny. Maruti Suzuki is for off-roading. So, overtaking on the highways and cities could be a problem for the 4×4 as it picks up very gradually. Steering and gear shifts, too, are on the harder side. But, that said, its off-road capabilities are where it shines. 

Light weight, small size, 36-degree approach angle, and 47-degree departure angle with ladder frame chassis makes it durable. A turning radius of 5.7m and ground clearance(210mm) make it a perfect off-roader choice rather than an on-road car.

4. Expectations from a “Maruti Suzuki” Brand

Before reaching the Nexa showrooms, people were expecting a car they would drive daily and occasionally take out for off-roading, giving a decent mileage of 15-17 km in the city, which didn’t happen. It is quite the opposite. It is an off-roader that can sometimes drive in the city, with a 9-10 km mileage. Otherwise, why would they make Brezza and Grand Vitara? 90% of the Thar 4WD owners do not take it off-roading. 

There are only a few people who love off-roading, and hence, Jimny will appeal to only those people who want to buy an off roader or someone who wants to flaunt a new Jeep with round headlights; hence, the market is too small for this 4×4.

5. Less Practical as a family car

After driving it I have come to the conclusion that it is practical with 5 doors, but it is not a family car. Only two persons can sit in the back seat i.e. the Maruti Suzuki 4×4 can only carry 4 persons comfortably. Rear seats are also not so comfortable and the family will feel they are sitting in a very tight place. My honest opinion about the MS 4×4 is that it can be your third car. What I mean is that if you already have two cars and want to show-oof a third one, Jimny is a good option.


Hence, after discussing the above points, go for Maruti Suzuki 4×4 only if you want to go hardcore off-roading for which it is built. There are other options at this price point with better road presence, but if you are a “Maruti Suzuki” fan, go for Jimny. An off-roader from “Maruti Suzuki” is here.

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