Meteor 350 gets the new charming ‘Aurora’ edition

Meteor 350 Aurora edition is the new launch by Royal Enfield. The colour scheme, chrome all over the bike with spoke wheels, gives more retro vibes. 

Firstly, Royal Enfield is the brand that comes first in mind if you purchase a new motorcycle. It has never let its loyal customers down. Royal Enfield has brought new bikes and updated its few models in the past few years. Also, RE is planning some more bikes in different categories for the Indian market. RE lovers are always waiting for the brand’s new launches.

The Himalayan 452 is one of the most awaited motorcycles in India right now or in the World. Recently, in a channel named Itchy Boots on YouTube, a woman rider was riding the new Himalayan 452 in white colour. She was riding a pre-production model. By the smile on her face, I can tell that RE unquestionably has done an excellent job. People eagerly await it, and RE has launched a new Aurora edition of Meteor. 

It says that history repeats itself; the Aurora edition justifies this statement. It was already a cruiser, Meteor 350, but something was missing. Yes, that old styling, that retro look, but a young heart. That is what people wanted, and RE has yet to give its customers what they want. Meteor 350 Aurora edition is now the only motorcycle which will provide you with a retro feel. 

Meteor 350

The Aurora edition sits between Stellar and Supernova, i.e. one variant down the top. What is different in this edition? Let’s find out.

Meteor 350 Aurora Edition – Colors

The new color scheme of this edition makes Meteor 350 Aurora stand apart from all other variants. Dual colors give the bike a retro look. The three color schemes are – Blue with white, Light green with yellow and black with silver combination. Each color looks great and does the job of giving Meteor 350 a vintage look. 

Meteor 350 Aurora Edition – Accessories

There are certain accessories which are standard in the Aurora edition. A large windscreen, touring seats with pillion backrests and an LED headlight like in the Supernova variant. Touring seats are the most comfortable during long rides. LED lights with this colour scheme look top-notch, making Meteor 350 Aurora the most affordable variant to get LED lights. 

Meteor 350

How can you complete the retro look of a motorcycle without chrome particularly? This motorcycle shouts chrome the minute you look at it. The leg guard, engine guard, around the LED headlight and the silencer are all in chrome. Therefore, for all the chrome lovers, this bike is for you.

Meteor 350 Aurora Edition – Tyres

Markedly, a significant difference lies in the tyres, which are spoke wheels. This variant has no tubeless tyres because that is the only X factor that enhances its retro look. Indeed, if you want to change it, you can because you don’t have an outlet if it gets a puncture. In tubeless tyres, you can refill the air to go further and get some help.

Updates in other variants

Other variants of Meteor 350 also receive upgradation by RE from time to time. The Stellar variant now gets tripper navigation, and RE installs the LED lights in the Supernova. 

Aurora Edition – Price

As mentioned above, the Meteor 350 Aurora is one variant from the Supernova top variant. A retro-looking bike is a piece of cake for 2,19,900 (ex-showroom New Delhi). Otherwise, the price of Meteor 350 is between 2.06 lakh – 2.30 lakh. Bookings for the Aurora edition are open in all the Royal Enfield showrooms across India.

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