Nissan Magnite XE AMT launched at an epic 6.5 lakh

The Nissan Magnite XE, i.e., the base variant, now has an automatic transmission. Launched at an introductory price of 6.5 lakh, valid if booked before November 10. 

Nissan has shocked everyone with the price of the Nissan Magnite XE AMT variant, which is 6.5 lakh. At this price point, it is the most affordable automatic compact SUV. It undercuts the TATA Punch and Hyundai Exter by a considerable margin, one segment below. 

The Nissan Magnite XE AMT can only be bought at 6.5 lakh if booked before November 10. 

Nissan Magnite XE

Also, all the automatic variants are Rs 40,000 – Rs 50,000 more expensive than their manual variants. Nissan is offering AMT across all its variants. XE, XL, XV, XV Premium, and the recently launched Kuro edition (Kuro means ‘black’). Bookings for the Magnite are now open for an amount of Rs 11,000. Prices for all the AMT variants of the 1.0 litre Nissan Magnite are in the table below.

Trim Price 
XE6.50 lakh
XL7.44 lakh
XV8.21 lakh
XV Premium 8.67 lakh
Kuro Edition 8.90 lakh

Nissan Magnite XE AMT – Engine 

So, what exactly do you get at this price point? And the answer is you get the same 1.0 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine producing 72 hp and 96 Nm. But the catch lies in the new 5-speed AMT gearbox mated to the engine of the Nissan Magnite XE. It makes it a very easy daily commuter in the city or for office goers. People who want an affordable, hassle-free ride in which they can easily park in tight spots can opt for the Nissan Magnite XE.

Nissan Magnite XE AMT variant. Going by the numbers, the power is going to be less. So those who want control can opt for the turbocharged engine, too. But Nissan Magnite XE is going to be the best pick for people who want a safe SUV from point A to point B.

Nissan Magnite XE AMT – Mileage 

For the AMT variant with a 1.0-litre engine, Nissan claims a mileage of 19.70kpl. The manual variant has a mileage of 19.35kpl. Nissan Magnite XE at this price, offering 20 kmpl mileage and a 4-star safety rating, is a serious deal. Well, what mileage we get in the real world is something to look for. Moreover, a hill start assist function and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) are standard in the AMT variants of Nissan Magnite XE.

Nissan Magnite also comes with a 1.0-litre turbocharged engine producing 100hp. Here, you also get a 5-speed manual as well as a CVT automatic gearbox. So, you must compromise on the mileage front for a turbocharged engine.   

Nissan Magnite XE AMT – Safety

Nissan Magnite scored 4 stars in the Global NCAP, which makes it a safe SUV in the sub-4 metre category. Markedly, Brezza has also achieved a 4-star rating in the global NCAP. I don’t know how Nissan has done it, but scoring stars is a remarkable job by Nissan. So, Kudos to Nissan for doing a great job in India. Nissan has also introduced a new dual-tone blue color with a black roof. This colour is only available in the XV and XV premium trims. 

Nissan Magnite XE : Rivals and ‘value for money’ factor

Markedly, talking about the rivals, 6.5 lakh undercuts many SUVs, even one segment below. It is the most affordable sub-4 meter SUV in India. Its sibling Renault Kiger’s AMT version is also more expensive than Magnite. The Kiger’s AMT variant starts at 8.55 lakh, which is 2 lakh more expensive. That is a huge difference.

Talking about cars, which are one segment below Punch and Exter. TATA Punch’s AMT variant starts at 7.5 lakh, whereas Hyundai Exter’s is 8.09 lakh. So the cars even one segment below are 1-1.5 lakh Rupees more expensive. The critical point is that the Nissan Magnite XE AMT’s features and specs are not appealing. But this is a perfect choice for a typical city drive-in traffic. 

Considering the price, safety, mileage, and a sub 4 metre SUV, the Nissan Magnite XE AMT is a great value-for-money car.

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