Safety belt – 5 reasons to wear it.

In the olden days, wearing a safety belt or seat belt was not mandatory. Old movies are examples where the driver is not wearing a safety belt. The driver falls forward, protecting his face with his arms when he applies the brakes. In fact, some cars did not even have one.

Wearing seat belts became mandatory by law in 2005. It is a must for the driver as well as the front passenger seat. Now, safety belts for rear seat passengers are also mandatory by law. A fine of Rs 1000 is chargeable if anyone violates the rule. But, there are exemptions in this rule for Taxis and old cars. 

Here are five reasons to wear a safety belt in the car.

1. Safety belt Keep you in place during collisions.

Safety belts keep you in place during collisions.

A seat belt runs across the shoulder and lap area. The shoulder strap prevents you from falling forward in a jerky situation. The lap strap prevents you from jumping, hence protecting your head by keeping you intact. Safety belts work in such a way that one can easily pull them by normal force. But, a sudden movement makes it come into action. Therefore, keeping one stick to the seat. 

safety belt

Newton’s first law of motion states that a body in motion stays in motion unless an external force acts on it. The same is the case with cars. A car in action at a speed of 80 km/h means the passengers are also moving at 80km/h. During a collision or a sudden stop, the car stops, but the passengers are still in a state of motion. Hence, if they do not wear seat belts, they will get hit to the interior of the car at 80km/h.

In other words, imagine a big rock hitting you at a speed of 80km/h. By wearing a safety belt, one can easily avoid such situations.

2. Airbags are designed to work with your safety belts.

Nowadays, many car manufacturers are introducing new technologies to enhance safety in the car. Airbags are now mandatory for the driver and front passenger of the vehicle. Every manufacturer has to provide two front airbags regardless of the variant of the car. 

The critical thing to notice here is that these airbags are designed to work with the seat belts of the car. To put it together, the airbags of your vehicle are operational only if your seat belt is fastened. If the safety belts are kept open or are not attached, the airbags will not open during a collision. Then your car becomes equivalent to an old car in the 80s and 90s. 

It is done by the manufacturers so that people always remember to wear a seat belt. After all, airbags come at a cost and are not cheap. A feature like an airbag makes the buyer spend more. Without a safety belt, if such a feature is not operational, then what is the use of shedding extra money on airbags? 

Also, seat belts combined with airbags can reduce the risk of injury or even death to a high degree. Earlier airbags used to open even without a fastened safety belt. But, this was more dangerous because, during a collision, the airbag acted more like a rock. Severe head and neck injuries and even death due to suffocation can occur in the worst-case scenario. 

A safety belt helps in maintaining a distance from the airbag. Hence, it acts like a cushion rather than a deadly rock.

3. Wearing a safety belt keeps you safe from a fine!

As we all know, not wearing a safety belt is against the law. The law says that while driving a car, the driver must wear a seat belt. As discussed earlier, safety belts are now mandatory for the rear passengers. If found without a safety belt, a fine of Rs 1000 is chargeable. 

Penalty amounts can vary from state to state. Not wearing the safety belt can also result in the seizure of the vehicle or driving license. There are so many negatives of not wearing a seat belt than positives. Hence, it is wise to wear a seat belt all the time till you leave your car.

It is often not necessary to wear a safety belt for short trips, like a short drive to the market to buy groceries or vegetables. But even these short trips can be dangerous without a safety belt. A collision, even at 40-50 km/h, is fatal. Short trips or slow speeds should not be the reason for not wearing a seat belt.

Some people are habitual of forgetting to wear a seat belt. In that case, one should always keep a picture of a loved one on the dashboard of the vehicle. It may help! One can easily make wearing a safety belt a habit. Before starting your car, you should wear a safety belt in the first place. Other things can wait.

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4. By wearing safety belts, you can avoid serious injuries and even death.

Imagine an egg inside a big closed drum. Now, the drum is rolling down from a mountain. The egg is more likely to break. Now, put some cushion around the egg and tape it well inside the drum. Roll it down a mountain again. Currently, there is a high chance that the egg is not broken; it is safe. 

safety belt

The same is the case with human beings. God forbid your car may never collide. But if you somehow meet with a collision, and you are not wearing a safety belt, you may get serious injuries, just like a loose egg in the drum. 

But, if you are wearing a safety belt, the airbags will also open at the time of collision. You are less likely to get any serious injury, just like a taped and well-cushioned egg inside a drum.

5. Insurance policy rates can be affected.

Are you in the habit of not wearing a safety belt and have received a ticket or challan many times for it? Is your license or vehicle seized many times? If the answer to these questions is Yes, then many insurance carriers consider you a high-risk driver. 

For a high-risk driver, the insurance rates are higher than usual. In other words, you have to shed more money next time to insure your car. In some cases, if you were not wearing a safety belt at the time of an accident, insurance companies may not cover damages.

So, you should always wear a seat belt. Not only safety belts, but you should not only follow all the road safety rules but also the traffic rules and be safe. Do not wear it for the sake of a penalty, but wear it for your loved ones. Remember someone is waiting for you at home.

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