TVS Apache RTR 310 – a gutsy beauty launched at 2.43 lakhs

TVS Apache RTR 310, a streetfighter, is a naked version of the sober and sporty Apache RR 310.

TVS Apache RTR 310, a naked version of its sports bike – Apache RR 310, is launched at 2.43 lakhs. It is Rs 29,000 cheaper than RR 310. Some critical Key Points of the TVS Apache RTR 310.

  1. 312 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, Fuel Injected engine producing 35.6hp, 28.7Nm.
  2.  An aluminium Trellis frame.
  3.  Dynamic LED Headlight and LED taillight.
  4.  5-inch TFT screen.
  5.  A unique feature – Seats can cool as well as heat up.

Apache brand of motorcycle was launched by TVS in 2006. The Apache 160 not only grabbed the attention of the youth with its looks but also with its performance. It was one tough competition for both Honda and Yamaha, and even today, it is. TVS is carrying the Apache brand to the bigger displacement bike, too. 

They launched the Apache RR 310 with BMW, a fully-fired sports bike. The BMW 310s share the same engine, which increases the reliability of this motorcycle. People eagerly awaited the naked version of the RR 310, which TVS has launched. It is terrific news for bike enthusiasts because it is the most feature-rich motorcycle in its segment.

TVS Apache RTR 310: Engine 

TVS Apache RTR 310 receives the same 312 cc engine as the Apache RR 310 and BMW 310s. It is a single-cylinder engine producing 35.6hp and 28.7 Nm of torque, significantly more than the RR 310. A six-speed gearbox works through a slipper assist clutch. 

TVS Apache RTR 310 Top speed – 150 km/h.

TVS Apache RTR 310 0 to 60 km/h – 2.81 seconds.

TVS Apache RTR 310: Design and Ergonomics

The looks of TVS Apache RTR 310 are, in fact, on the aggressive side. The LED headlight setup, a masculine tank, and the pipes covering the engine give TVS Apache RTR 310 a street-fighter look.

So, for people who like to wheelie and perform other stunts, TVS Apache RTR 310 is for them. Additionally, Its Race Tuned Dynamic Stability Control 6D provides all the safety features, which I will discuss later.

The kerb weight of the TVS Apache RTR 310 is 169 Kg, with a seat height of 800mm and a ground clearance of 180mm. The fuel tank capacity is 11 litres.

TVS Apache RTR 310: The Freestyler Frame and suspension

The TVS Apache RTR 310 has an aluminum Trellis frame, which makes the bike lighter overall. TVS calls it The Freestyler Frame because the dynamics at higher speeds make it easily maneuverable. The split seat setup, rear section, and bike tail look proportionate and sporty. 

On the front, TVS Apache RTR 310 uses an upside-down fork and a mono-shock at the rear. The standard variant features only an adjustable rear mono-shock. The top-spec of TVS Apache RTR 310 gets both front and rear adjustable shock absorbers.

TVS Apache RTR 310: Tyres and Brakes

At both front and rear, a 17-inch alloy wheel is present in the TVS Apache RTR 310. The front and rear tubeless tyre has 110/70 and 150/60 sections, respectively. The Apache RR 310 also uses the same set of tyres. The Michelin 5 tyres are super grippy and stick to the road, giving you a firm ride. 

At the front, it uses 300mm Disc brakes; at the rear, it uses a 240mm Disc.

TVS Apache RTR 310: Features

The TVS Apache RTR 310 has features, some even the first for a motorcycle. 

  1. Fully digital instrumentation cluster. A 5.0-inch TFT landscape-oriented touchscreen, which is standard in all variants.
  2.  Dynamic LED Headlight – Its range increases and spreads when the motorcycle eventually speeds up.
  3.  Cruise control – Surely a first-of-a-kind feature in a motorcycle. You can set a particular speed and cruise easily. However, in case of a turn or sharp turn, the speed also decreases automatically.
  4.  Tyre pressure monitoring system – Though primarily seen in cars, it’s essential as it increases the tyre’s life if proper pressure is maintained. Thus, kindly click the READ button to learn more about the importance of tyre pressure. Tyre pressure is not only important for a bike’s performance but also for the life of tyres. It plays an important role in the handling of the bike too.

 5. Bi-directional quick-shifters – You can ride it easily in your slippers.

 6Heated and Cooled Seats – Yes, you can heat as well as cool the seat of this bike to relax your bums. This feature is in the top-spec of cars. This feature is a boon in India due to high temperatures. Surely, long-trip travelers will find this feature helpful as they won’t have to stop, relax and adjust.

 7. 5 riding modes – Furthermore, it comes with five riding modes – Urban, Rain, Sport, Track, and Supermoto mode.

 8. Adjustable suspension – Further, the rear mono-shock is 6-way adjustable; in the top-spec, the front shock absorbers are also adjustable.

 9. Brass Coated Chain – It is entirely rustproof, and its design aids in performance.

 10. Race-tuned Dynamic Stability Control with 6D IMU – 6D means this stability control function will work in 6 dimensions. What are those 6 dimensions?

  •  Cornering ABS
  •  Cornering Cruise Control
  •  Cornering Traction Control 
  •  Wheelie control
  •  Slope Dependent Control
  •  Rear Lift-off control

One single IMU stabilizes all the controls. TVS has given a lot of attention to the safety features in TVS Apache RTR 310.

For many of these features, TVS offers their customization program, i.e., order (BTS). To know more, click on the button. In this you get an option to customize your RTR 310, according to your requirement. This option is only available for big bikes of big brands. But now TVS is also coming with this option.

 Built to order

TVS Apache RTR 310: Pricing, colors and Rivals

The price of TVS Apache RTR 310 is 2.43 lakhs. It comes in three colors – Black, Red, and Yellow. Its main rivals are the KTM Duke 390, which costs 2.97 lakhs, and the Triumph Speed 400, which costs 2.33 lakhs. The BMW G 310 R, at 2.85 lakhs, sits between the siblings of the Apache RR 310, which costs 2.72 lakhs.

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